DLMS Analyzer

• Detection of errors in communication
• Easy customization of the displayzed data
• All DLMS/COSEM messages are supported
• Timestamped Frames
• Simple copy-paste functionality for the Analyzer window
• Filtering function to make a selection of the desired data
• Supported communication profiles
- DLMS over HDLC - Mostly used in combination with an optical head
- DLMS over TCP/IP (also suitable to connect to a PLC node)

Correct exchange of meter data is of major importance in the liberalized energy market. In order to determine balance or unbalance between forecasts and actual energy usage in a fast and reliable way  remote interrogation of energy meters is unavoidable. The data collection protocol DLMS/COSEM is an international standard that is very suitable for doing this.

To speed up the development process, you can use our DLMS analyzer. This analyser is a very useful tool when implementing DLMS. It captures the data that is transported over the serial line between the client and the server. The bytes of the frames are translated into a human readable form, so you can see immediately if the frames are correct. 




  • Translates the captured frames into easy to read text
  • Logical Names and Short Names
  • Each layer can be switched ON or OFF at all times with a button
  • Timestamp from start or relative to previous packet with an accuracy of 1 millisecond
  • Search & filter options
  • Detected errors are marked
  • Decoding of user-defined-types
  • Export to text files
  • Ergonomic User Interface for easy navigation
  • On line help
  • Fast capture into memory, the capture is independent from the display
  • Real time decoding of the frames while the client and server are communicating
  • Start/stop capture manually, at specific time or specific message
  • User-defined size circular buffer, only limited by disk space



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