IEC 61850

▶ Written in ANSI-Standard C Source Code
▶ Designed to be processor and operating system independent, using any ANSI-Standard C compiler
▶ Simply configuration for big-endian or little-endian byte order
▶ Can be used with or without a Real Time Operating System(RTOS)
▶ Highly efficient code and advanced protocol parsing techniques designed to work well in embedded and workstation environments
▶ Typical product integration times depend highly on the database model complexity


IEC 61850 Server Source Code Library Features

  • Support for total configuration via local SCL file or API
  • Additional lower level interfaces available for specialized device intergration requirements
  • Advanced data modeling techniques simplify generation of conformant servers
  • Implements IEC 61850 services within the library - not in user code
  • Inetegrates with application at object level - not transcation level
  • Effeicient memory management; malloc() and free() only used at system startup
  • Hardware requirements: TCP/IP port, 1/2 Megabyte RAM, 1/2 Megabyte ROM.


IEC 61850 Client Option Features

  • Application interface designed for ease of use, even in embedded environments
  • Supports all serveres required for IEC 61850
  • Highly efficient operation


GOOSE Option Features

  • Application interface designed to free application developers from protocol details
  • Integrated with data model features, including control blocks
  • Includes GSSE(Generic Substation Status Event) support
  • Implements IEC 61850 GOOSE protocol very efficiently


Flow Diagram

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