DNP3 Source Code Library

• DNP3 is a standards based communications protocol initially designed for the electric utility industry.
• Due to its robustness, flexibility, and interoperability, it is now also being used in water, waste water, traffic management, oil and gas, industrial, and other applications. It is an open protocol that was developed to establish interoperability between RTUs, IEDs(Intelligent Electronic Devices) and master stations.
• DNP3 has been adopted by the Substation Committee of the IEEE power Society (1379-2000) as a recommended practice for RTU-IED communication.


  • DNP3 Software Libraries Features
  • Conforms to DNP3 Level 4+ Subset Definitions Requirements
  • Supports any physical communication network including RS 232/485 and TCP/IP
  • Can be used in event-driven or non-event-driven environments
  • Supports binary (input and output), analog (input, deadbands, and output), counter (runing and frozen), time objects, virtual terminal, data sets, and internal indications
  • Supports File Transfer objects for transferring large data blocks (e.g., configuration or oscillographic (COMTRADE) data)
  • Supports Unsolicited Responses and/or polled Report-By-Exception (RBE) for change evnt objects
  • Supports function codes for confrm, read, write, select, operate, freeze and clear, cold/warm restart, assign class, enable/disable unsolicited response, and delay measurement
  • Supports qualifier codes for start-stop range (0x00, 0x01), all points (0x06), limited quantity (0x07, 0x08), indexed (0x17, 0x28), and free format (0x1B)
  • Supports DNP3 Security
  • Extensive, built-in (but removable) diagnostics including a protocol analyzer used to visually decpher protocol messages. The diagnostic and analyzer strings can be directed to any target system display device, even a serial port or RAM buffer
  • Large response messages can consist of multiple data link frames and multiple application fragments
  • Provides support for statistics of communication protocol errors such as bad CRC, invlid synchronization byte, and incorrect frame sequence number to help indentify faulty communication lines


DNP3 Outstation Software Library Features

  • Database Manager maps randomly Target Application data points (binaries, controls, integers, floats, etc.) into sequential points within DNP3 object groups
  • Example Database Interface implementations are provided for testing, illustration, and as templates to be used for developing final Database interface
  • Report-by-Exception data can be automatically generated by configurable scans of Target Application data
  • Supports Virtual Terminal onjects for embedding other protocols


DNP3 Master Software Library Features

  • An unlimited number of remote devices can be configured on an unlimited number of communication ports, and new remote deices can be added at runtime
  • Multiple devices can be assigned to the same communication port to support multiple network communication topologies
  • Database manager maps received DNP3 data onjects into Target Application data points (binaries, controls, integers, floats, etc.)


Flow Diagram


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