IEC 60870-5-101, -102, -103, -104

• IEC 60870-5 is a general protocol definition developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Technical Committee 57.
• It is an outline for the structure of a protocol and can only be implemented with a companion Sourcen Code Libraries for all of the currently defined profiles: 101,102,103,and 104.
• The 101 profile has been adopted by the Substation Committee of the IEEE Power Engineering Society (1379-2000) as a recommended practice for RTU-IED communication


Features Common to All of IEC 60870-5 Software Libraries

  • Supports both balanced and unbalanced link layer configuration using one or two octet address fields
  • Clock synchronization commands using bitmapped time/date information onjects are compensated for transmission and processing delays
  • Supports any applicable physical communication network including RS 232/485 and TCP/IP
  • Can be used in event-driven or non-event-driven dnvironments
  • Extensive, built-in (but removable) diagnostics including a protocol analyzer used to visually decipher protocol messages. The diagnostic and analyzer strings can be directed to any target system display device, even a serial port or RAM buffer
  • Provides support for statistics of communication protocol errors such as bad checksum, incorrect
  • No royalty fees per unit sold


IEC 60870-5 Controlled Station (Outstation) Software Library Features

  • Interoperability is maximized by marking it easy to attach virtually all possible interoperability configuration settings to run-time variables or function calls
  • Supplies data to an unlimited number of host devices through an unlimited number of communication ports
  • Supports Multiple Application Layer ASDU addresses (sectors). This virtual device capability can supply unique database profiles, or database profiles with common components, to host stations
  • Database manager maps randomly organizaed Target Application data points (binaries, controls, integers, floats, etc.) into IEC 60870-5-101 ASDU type information objects
  • Example Database Interface implementatons are provided for testing, illustration, and as templates to be used for developing final Database Interface
  • Fully supports ASDU type with CP24Time2a (24-bit tag), including proper handling of clock synchronization commands, and through spontaneous clock synchronization responses upon hourly rollover
  • Includes support for ASDU types with CP56Time2a (56-bit time tag). These influde ASDU types 30 through 40 defined by the approved "Addendum to IEC 60870-5-101 Concerning the EXtension of Time Tags."
  • Spontaneous response data can be automatically generated by configurable scans of Target Application data


IEC 60870-5 Controlling Station (Master) Software Library Features

  • An unlimited number of remote devices can be configured on an unlimited number of communication prots, and new remote devices can be added at runtime
  • Communicates with devices on the same communication port that have different ASDU field sizes (ASDU address, cause of transmission, and information address), or with devices on separate communication ports that have differet link address sizes
  • Database manager maps received IEC 60870-5 data objects into Target Application data points (binaries, controls, integers, floats, etc.)




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