ICCP Toolkit for MMS-EASE

• The ICCP (IEC60870-6-TASE.2) Toolkit for MMS-EASE is a field-proven implementation of the Intercontrol Center Communication Protocol (ICCP) that works with SISCO's popular MMS-EASE API for MMS
• SISCO's ICCP Toolkit for MMS-EASE is a comprehensive development environment for building ICCP-TASE.2-based applications
• The ICCP implementation layers on top of the MMS-EASE product
• MMS functions are also available to applications for integration with other MMS and IEC61850 applications and devices


For OEMs

  • For the SCADA/EMS. supplier SISCO's ICCP Toolkit for MMS-EASE allows you to get prodcuts to market fast and with minimal risck
  • The ICCP Toolkit for ICCP represents many man-years of development efforts by both SISCO and a leading EMS supplier
  • You can gain the benefit of this continuing investment by adding ICCP-TASE.2 to your existing products with a greatly reduced development effort


For End Users

  • SISCO works with many of the leading SCADA/EMS suppliers to provide you with the ICCP-TASE.2 prodcuts you need to comply with competitive and regulatory requirements for open transmission system access using up-to-date mainstream networking technology


Benefits of the ICCP Toolkit

  • Reduced time to market and development effort through the use of a high-level C language API
  • Reduced technical risk using field-proven technology
  • Can eliminate the configuration and maintenance of separate front-end processors by allowing tight coupling of ICCP-TASE.2 functions with existing SCADA and EMS applications on their native computers




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