• ICCP Lite PLUS+ is an optional add-on product for the ICCP-TASE.2 Extensions of MMS-EASE Lite (ICCP Lite) that extends the capabilites of ICCP Lite to include support for Block 3 (blocked transfers), Block 8 (accounts) redundancy and automatic data value, a multiple process stack, data set and data set transfer set configuration
• ICCP Lite PLUS+ is based on field proven technology that SISCO has been shipping in its AX-S4 ICCP product
• ICCP Lite PLUS+ is provided in ANSI C sourc code so it is portable to virtually any operating environment from embedded systems to host computers
• Using ICCP Lite PLUS+ can substantially reduce your cost to support these important new capabilities


  • Provides additional code to enable ICCP Lite developers and OEMs to more easily support redundant ICCP-TASE.2 interfaces :
    •  Data synchronization between primary and backup computer with heartbeat
    •  Automatic failover upon loss of hearbeat or manual failover supported
    •  Configuration synchronization between primary and backup
  • Support for ICCP Block 3 (blocked transfers) for improved reporting efficiency
  • New services added to minimize bilateral table configuration effor :
    • Discovery and configuration of data values from remote servers
    • Automatic configuraton of data sets and data set transfer sets based on flexible and configurable algorithms
    • Automatic data set mismatch detection and reorganization function to minimize impact of configuration errors
  • Support for ICCP Block 8 (Accounts) per V2000-08 of IEC 60870-6 TASE.2
  • Multi-process stack to support multiple independent applications over the same network connection




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