• SISCO's ICCP Lite PLUS+ SECURE enables secure ICCP-TASE.2 communications for ICCP Lite applications using the multi-process stack of ICCP Lite PLUS+
• The security extensions provide support for strong application level authentication Layer Security (TLS) specifications as defined by IEC 62351-4 standards
• The security extensions are provided as ANSI C source code but do not include any encryption software
• Users must obtain the OpenSSL Lite Secure extensions for ICCP Lite PLUS+


  • Supports IEC 62351-4 providing highly secure communications supporting:
    • 1024-bit asymmetrical keys for authentication and session establishment.
    • Up to 256-bit symmetrical key exchange for data encryption and confidentiality.
    • Periodic renegotiation of symmetrical keys to mitigate brute force attacks.
    • Digitally signed time-sensitive session establishment provides strong authentication to mitigate spoofing and playback. 
  • Enables support for multiple association types:
    • Normal without encryption or strong authentication.
    • Encryption only for confidentiality.
    • Strong authentication only.
    • Fully secure with encryption and strong authentication.
  • Requires the use of OpenSSL (http://openssl.org) which must be obtained separately. OpenSSL is not available from SISCO.
  • The ICCP Lite PLUS+ SECURE extensions are subject to US and other government regulations. 
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