SISCO’s Utility Integration Bus – UIB

• The UIB extends an off-the-shelf Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) with industry specific extensions for distributed system data models,standards-based interface services and application programming interfaces (API) using XML messaging.
• The UIB enables your enterprise with model driven business transformation (MDBT) while leveraging existing application investments.
• SISCO’s UIB products include off-the-shelf adapters as well as toolkits for building custom adapters for your own applications. SISCO UIB adapters are currently available on IBM WebSphere for the OSIsoft PI System, ICCP-TASE.2, and any communications protocol or application using an OLE for Process Control (OPC) interface.


  • Extensive support for international standards means less reliance on proprietary technology and enables use of off-the-shelf applications:
    • IEC61970 and IEC61968 Common Information Model (CIM) including CIM XML full,incremental, and partial model transfer formats.
    • IEC61970 Component Interface Specification (CIS) API (or Generic Interface Def’n – GID)
    • OLE for Process Control (OPC)
    • eXtensible Markup Language (XML)
    • Object Management Group (OMG)
  • Model-driven ESB-based architecture minimizes application adapter costs:
    • Common data exchange model minimizes data transformations and provides global context for information.
    • Isolates integration adapters from application data storage and representation enabling incremental integration of systems.   
    • Eliminates application specific dependencies that isolate integration adapters from changes in other system components.
    • Enables merging of application data to create unified views of utility operations.
    •  Reduces integration configuration by enabling application adapters to discover data without requiring knowledge of each data source.





UIB Products

  • UIB Toolkit - Provides everything the application developer needs to build and test application adapters supporting the standardized UIB APIs 
  • UIB Deployment License - Includes all the run-time components needed to deploy a UIB enabled application. Available with or without the programming APIs.
  • UIB Adapter for ICCP - Provides a model-driven UIB compatible interface to the ICCP-TASE.2 protocols.
  • UIB Adapter for PI - Enables data in the popular PI System from OSIsoft to be viewed and accessed within the context of a data exchange model.
  • UIB Adapter for OPC Server - Interfaces any offthe-shelf OPC DA server to any OPC DA or HSDA client application over the UIB. 
  •  Provides UIB access to the hundreds of communications protocols for which an OPC DA server exists.
  • UIB Adapter for OPC Client - Interfaces any offthe-shelf OPC DA client application to any OPC DA or HSDA server application over the UIB. Allows the use of existing OPC enabled clients in a modeldriven enterprise integration architecture.
  • UIB Virtual Data Warehouse - The VDW enables legacy data sources based on migrated to a CIM based environment that can be distributed over the UIB using standard interfaces
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