SPT-PC RTU/IED SCADA Communication Gateway

ASE SPT-PC is a Windows PC-based communication gateway designed for use in SCADA environments to manage the flow of data and control operations between RTUs, IEDs, master stations, HMI systems, and user-developed application processes.

SPT-PC maintains independent communication on up to 32 serial communication lines and multiple Ethernet ports. Each line can be individually configured for protocol and master/remote communication. The Ethernet port can handle multiple connections and multiple protocols. Data obtained from any subset of remote devices can be routed to one or more SCADA masters. Where certain SCADA masters need, or are only allowed access to a portion of the points at a given Remote, an SPT-PC configuration can provide the required restricted mapping.

For selected protocols, SPT-PC supports listening mode operations. In this mode, SPT-PC eavesdrops on communication between a SCADA host and a set of remote devices. Point data values sent to the other host are copied into SPT-PC data storage, and made available for transmission to another host connected to SPT-PC.

OPC (OLE for Process Control) XML-DA (Data Access) Server

The OPC server interface provides OPC XML-DA compliant HMI (Human Machine Interface) systems an access path to non-OPC compliant devices and to devices located remote from the HMI site. This capability extends to any protocol supported by SPT-PC’s protocol translator component. Information brought into SPT-PC’s common data area from any downstream protocol can be accessed through the OPC server interface. For many protocols, SPT-PC may provide the only OPC access path commercially available.

Front-end processor

SPT-PC’s custom API provides added functionality required by a SCADA host when those requirements are not part of the OPC standards. Examples include access to extended point types, communication status and statistics, and on-line data base configuration.


The OPC client interface provides a data path between OPC XML-DA compliant devices and existing SCADA hosts without OPC capabilities. Data obtained from OPC devices are placed into the SPT-PC database and made available through the standard SCADA host communication path.




The SPT-PC is configured with the SPT4-NET Configuration Editor, which is a graphical based tool for easy and convenient generation of configuration files used by the SPT Family of product. Point configuration information is specified through this Windows based utility program and downloaded through the SPT configuration and maintenance port, or through a network connection.



The configuration editor employs standard Windows procedures. An entire data base configuration can be entered and running within a few minutes. Changes to an active database can be downloaded and activated in seconds to minimize the entire configuration test and development process. During on-line operation of the SPT-PC application, the configuration utility can be used to view diagnostic and program status information. This is a valuable diagnostic tool during initial installation and for on-going maintenance.

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