• Conforms to Modbus Application Protocol Specification V1.1b
• Supports any physical communication network including RS 232/485 (for RTU and ASCII), Modbus Plus, and TCP
• Can be used in event-driven or non-event-driven environments
• Supports binary data (coils and discrete inputs) and analog data (holding registers and input registers)
• Supports function codes for read, write, and read/write multiple registers
• Simple configuration for big-endian or little-endian byte order
• Extensive, built-in (but removable) diagnostics including a protocol analyzer used to visually decipher protocol messages
• The diagnostic and analyzer strings can be directed to any target system display device, even a serial port or RAM buffer
• Records communication protocol errors such as "Unsupported function code", "Data base errors", "Address range error", "Exception response, FC=xxx, Exception Code=xxx"
• No royalty fees per unit sold


Modbus Slave software Library Features

  • Interoperability is maximized by marking it easy to attach virtually all possible  interoperability  configuration setting to run-time variable or function calls
  • Supplies data to an unlimited number of host devices through an unlimited number of communication  ports
  • Example Database Interface implementations are provided for testing, illustration, and as templates to be used for developing final Dabase Interface


Modbus Master software Library Features

  • An unlimited number of remote devices can be configured on an unlimited number of communicaton ports, and new remote devices can be added at runtime
  • Multiple devices can be assigned to the same communication port to support multiple network communication topologies
  • Database manager maps received Modbus data into Target Application data points (coils, discrete input registers, holding registers, input registers, etc.)


Flow Diagram


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