Multipont BGP Network Emulator
Integrated BGP Router

BGP 네트워크 에뮬레이터. Border Gateway Protocol(BGP)은 현대 인터넷의 핵심입니다. 대기업 및 정부 기업 네트워크는 다양한 행정 및 국가별 지역을 상호 연결하기 위해 BGP 사용을 늘리고 있습니다.





Typical Application

Used to apply traffic rules on packets flowing out of the egress port for the intended packets matching source address and destination address. BGP is used for the route and can be applied to Interior Gateway network as well as an Exterior Gateway Network

Data Interface

10GbE with SFP+, 10/100/1000 Copper or fiber up to 12 ports

Data Rates

300bps - 10GbE 1bps increments, bi-directional or split speed

Traffic Simulation


- Handle Traffic Bandwidth Control and Shaping.

- Add, Edit and Deletion of profiles.

- Profile is applied for source IP and destination IP pair or ranges of source IP and destination IP(by selecting the subnet mask).

- Each IP Address maintains its own profile of Bandwidth Shaping.

- Change the profi le applied on particular source and destination IP pair.

- Simulation of Real-time Delay, Jitter, Packet Corruption, Duplication, Reordering, Packet Loss.

- Shows list of applied profi les with source IP and destination IP.

- Enable, disable and remove the traffic simulation parameters applied on source and destination IP.

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) sub-system                                                                   

- Perform Routing Decision Dynamically based on number of networks available at that instant.

- Assign router ID for a BGP router.

- Adding and deleting Neighbors, Networks to and from the System.

- Forwarding Packets based on routes created dynamically.

- Show List of neighbors added to a BGP router and also shows BGP routing table.

- View Routes Advertised to/by Neighbors.

- Assign Preference(Weight) to a particular path from list of available Multiple paths   

Interfaces Settings                             

- Able to Detect and Configure Scalable number of network interfaces.

- Add, Edit and deletion of interfaces configurations.

- Show Status of connected/available Network Ports.

- Show port speed, port type(management or router),MAC address, IP address of each ports.

- Show whether Traffic Shaping Profi le is active for a particular interface at that instant

Web Browser Compatibility    

FireFox, Google Chrome, Explorer 11


Height: 3.35 inches (88.90 mm), Width: 17.20 inches (436.88 mm), Length: 14.50 inches (368.30 mm)

Regulatory Approvals           








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