EDS-1G는 사용자가 10/100/1000 구리 또는 광섬유 이더넷을 통해 대역폭, 대기 시간, 패킷 손실, 정체 및 기타 중요한 링크 장애를 변경하여 중요한 네트워크 장비를 테스트/스테이징할 수 있는 네트워크 에뮬레이터입니다. WAN 에뮬레이터 또는 Satsim은 네트워크 장애 테스트에 탁월합니다.





Typical Application

Network Emulator for interconnection of two or four 10/100/1000 Ethernet devices emulating bandwidth, latency, packet loss and congestion on two independent LAN channels. Network Impairment Tesing.

Data Interface

Data Interface 10/100/1000, copper or fi ber up to 4 ports and two independent 2-Port Delay engines

Data Rates

300bps - 1000Mbps in 1bps increments, bidirectional or split speed on each LAN port

Configuration Port(s) Two Independent 10/100/1000 Ports
Password Protection Implemented via user 10/100/1000 MGMT Ports
LAN Link Throughput

Full Line Rates on Packets larger than 512K

Link Throughput

Typical UDP 1500 packet are at full Line Rates

Emulated Latency

0 ms to 8 sec. in 0.1ms increments, settings for constant, uniform or normal

Emulation Profiles Each link is capable of five independent delay scheules via the profile scheduler
Packet Loss

Each link is capable of independent output statistics settings via the software scheduler

Packet Loss

0 to 100% in increments of 0.001%

Background Traffic

0 to 100% in increments of 0.001% Burst from 0 to 10000

Packet Re-ordering

Settings for Probability % and Delay 0 to 8000 ms


Settings for 0 to 100% (min 0.001)

Queue Depth Range of 65 to 100,000 selectable for Packets, kilobytes or miliseconds
Framing Overhead Settings for HDR + FCS, HDR + FCS, preamble, pad and Custom
Custom Profiles

Settings for five user defined profiles with run time scheduler time settings or free run


Height: 1.70 inches (43 mm), Width: 17.20 inches (437 mm), Depth: 9.8 inches (249 mm)

Gross Weight         

12 lbs (5.44 kg)

Regulatory Approvals                                                           UL, CSA, CE, CCC, FCC and RoHS





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