RS-232 Line Driver

CE-232는 사용자가 8개의 RS-232 제어 신호를 모두 확장하면서 DCE와 DTE 장치를 최대 5000피트 떨어진 위치에 배치할 수 있는 point-to-point 장치입니다.





Application RS-232 signal extension between DCE and DTE devices
Capacity One RS-232 DTE and One RS-232DCE Sync/Async device
Interface RS-232 and RS-423 for box to box connection via RJ-45
Data Format Data transparent at all data rates
Data Rates Up to 120Kbps
Switches None (All connections are external)
RS-232 Physical Interface Female DB-25 Connectors
RS-423 Physical Interface RJ-45 Connectors
Dimensions Height: 1.75 inches (4.44 cm), Width: 7.90 inches (20.07 cm), Length: 9.00 inches (22.86 cm)
Weight                                         2 pounds (0.914Kg)







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